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//Episode 93 – Homage to a Swindler: The Autobiography of Ramjack

Uncategorized | | 21. March, 2012

Oh snap! It’s a super special episode for you and other humans! People are sharing shitty secrets and we do not know why. Things get incredibly heated in the Ramjack Larger Locks Literary Lounge™ as we talk about the ineptitude of George Washington and lying bitches that pretend to read books but are clearly incompetent with uselessly fragile egos. Luckily Alirio drops by to cool things down as we discuss his birthday pick “Phantom of the Paradise” and learn all about skylight voyeurism and devil contracts from our pal Birdman Winslow.

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  • Joanna says:

    Hey guys…

    Loved the PotP story… Re Winslow’s loss of voice….it was the Record press. Remember, he DID scream “NEVER!” when he heard, “The Juicy Fruits singing Swan’s Faust.” on the radio. I’m from Winnipeg and was a proud part of PhantomPalooza 2005-2006 where I got to meet and hug ‘Bird man’ Winslow Leach…(William Finley) and have BOTH books of Goethe’s FAUST autographed.

    Remember also…Winslow had scattered records all over the place, which he slipped on and fell back. Oh……and the record press wasn’t actually a Record press. It was a toy moulding machine prepped up to look like a record press, BUT….you’re right, that the brace or….whatever was supposed to keep the ends from coming together broke, and one of the stage grips got William Finley out in time.

    Interesting point….. Rod Serling of Twilight Zone was the opening scene narrator. Good point about Winslow and Beef being able to get along…under NORMAL circumstances, but Winslow is ROYALLY FURIOUS after nearly being suffocated in a bricked-in studio!!! Wouldn’t YOU be ticked if you were left to die by someone you trusted…again!

    As far as Phoenix….she’s Winslow’s Christine (a la Phantom of the Opera.) The Faust part comes in via the contract with Swan and Winslow. The Swan suicide scene is the DORIAN GRAY aspect.

    Okay…if you were watching the woman you loved making out with paul williams, wouldn’t you attempt suicide, too? As well, Swan attempts to kill phoenix in a game of one-upmanship with Winslow, if that will help. Thanks for the hilarious look at a longtime fave movie!
    If you’re into PotP stuff…I have an online book project on the above mentioned site. It’s called, (no surprises here) Phantom of the Paradise, a Retrospective).
    In so far as the book issue. I would know within five pages, possible ten but no more than that, if I wanted to continue reading. And if I could wake up ANYWHERE besides my bed…..Heaven.

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