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Episode 100 – The Centennial Phantom Folio of Ramjack
| 6. July, 2012

We’ve been fighting for the rights of all the dreamers for over three years and 100 episodes. In this celebratory podcast Alex reports in on all the wild and wacky happenings of Summer Camp. Brad learns that he should never leave his sun bunker without Chris Hansen’s assistance. Scandalous tales are told. Also, the results of the contest to decide the fate of the Ramjack Empire are in!

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Listen to Episode 100 – 2:31:53

Episode 92 – Grizzly Hunting Gadabouts: Ramjack in the Forest of Chance
| 11. March, 2012

Grab your breakfast ice cream and join us for an exciting new episode! Old timey seeds are here and they and they don’t understand our generation’s music. Japanese Boyfriends list their greviences and take comfort in Asian Jeezo, despite his fratricide. We meet a slew of the most terrifying new friends when Alex is again forced to play America’s Favorite Game: “Strange Addict OR Smells like a Halibut” Brad drinks the most expensive Starbucks drink ever and Alex explores “The Colony.” Chapter Three of “The Belvedere and the Butterfly” carries us further down the rabbit hole and reunites us with an old friend. We hit upon a very special episode of Mr. Belvedere and learn all about AIDS and the Saved by the Bell Crew rests on their laurels with a Valentine’s Day Clip show.

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Listen to Episode 92 – 2:11:33

Episode 84 – Ramjack and the Prince of Mediocre Sacrifices: A Messiah Story
| 20. December, 2011

An epic Holiday episode is here to fill your digital stocking, Brad is wheelin’, dealin’ and conquering the amazon. Alex is fighting children, making connections at starbucks and dealing out harsh criticism. Jon Pernisek sends us amazing Fanfiction. Morgan Freeman makes a special appearance. We learn about the unfortunate fate of Rich Little and Dana Carvey. Belvedere turns it up to eleven and Saved by the Bell finally let’s Mario Lopez come out of the closet.
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Listen to Episode 84 – 2:15:49

Episode 75 – Ramjack and the Communion of the War-Beasts
| 5. October, 2011

It’s the Episode 75 Spectacular! And what is more spectacular than the mad rad 90’s fashions of “Saved by the Bell”? Grab your favorite sweater, pair of boots, and weirdo blazer and join us. Alex loves McDonalds. Brad loves Coffee. Jeezos love subterfuge and connect four. We find out who’s losing at Facebook. Learn the devilish secrets of Spontaneous Human Combustion. Delve into a horrific new world of fanfiction. The incest heats up on Mr. Belvedere (now with 100% more witches) and a mediocre-at-best non-traditional student comes between Zack and Slater on Saved by the Bell.
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Listen to Episode 75 – 2:10:12

Ramjack and the Decorated Egg of Divinity: He is Risen – Episode 30
| 20. April, 2010

It’s an Easter Spectacular! Welcome back baby jeezo.  Dove Promises, Wisconsin are you ok? Ladies get a 5&2 slap to the mouth, meanwhile Catholics keep protecting wacko preds, A pocket for the 21st century, orangutan’s love hot tub danger sex, Pet adoption fan-fiction, We take baby jeezo to ikea and then introduce him to internet porn.

Listen to Episode 30 – 1:18:46

Obsidian Glory: The Spawn of Ramjack – Episode 15
| 27. September, 2009

Episode 15 of our world famous chicken-fried-chicken-podcast-steak-chicken-chicken-cast, We get into the Halloween spirit, present a dramatic reading of Charlie Sheen’s Presidential fan-fiction, learn about France’s plan to get us using MS Paint, and watch the Rock’n’Roll Nightmare experience featuring THE Jon Mikl Thor. Reba has a painstone in her heart box for our girl T-Swift. And we do some live missed connections. Episode 15… more fun than fucking the devil!

Listen to Episode 15

Too Many Robots for Destiny – Chapter 3
| 2. September, 2009

Please note: this story is written in the style of Internet fan fiction and should not reflect on it’s author(s) credibility, intelligence, and/or understanding of the English language, syntax, and basic tenants of human communication.

Force Captain Gomez was a powerful leader women wanted to be with him and men wanted to be him. He wore his uniform sweater with an august congeniality that bellied his brilliant tactical skill and ruthless cunning. The fact that he had been kidnapped by such a cruel and vile being as The Great Magnate of Evil was a sullied stain on the sportscoat of superior righteousness. Luckily the past few months had taught Brad and the alliance members many things about circumventing The Great Magnate of Evil’s security.

“Clearly we can detect a build up of non-specified generic ‘energy’… in fact I’m reading a class five!” Larghhj noted.

“If only we could communicate with Force-Captain Gomez.” grieved Sharnu

“Alex, why don’t you use your fax machine?” Brad inquired


Too Many Robots for Destiny – Chapter 1
| 5. August, 2009

Please note: this story is written in the style of Internet fan fiction and should not reflect on it’s author(s) credibility, intelligence, and/or understanding of the English language, syntax, and basic tenants of human communication.

You are probably all too well aware of the many theories about parallel realities and quantum gateways. These topics are favorites of Scientists, Sci-Fi Writers, and fans of both. But, if I were to tell you the reality of such things… you would not be able to believe it. Nor would you want to.

“Can I take your order please?” said the frighteningly underage girl at the coffee shop.

Brad took a moment to think before finally settling on an elaborate coffee drink.

After responding to a dozen or so emails from fans, producers, and would be directors, he stopped to take a life affirming deep breath. It was at this moment in which he became aware of a strange buzzing noise it seemed to emanate from a door at the end of the shop… a door that he had never seen before.


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