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Ramjack’s Sweater: A Tale of America – Episode 23
| 20. December, 2009

Hey you lazy fucking faux-cripple-scooter-bitch-people stop trying to see through your brain bones, because there’s a 20 watt fountains in our brain that can’t die, thus proving the axiom time minus time equals no time…and that’s what I’ve got for you. NO TIME.

Episode 23 has more tips from martha, our plan to protect the Postal Service, Sarah Palin Kettlecorn’s the native americans, Ellen Page is constantly confounded by technology and the people that understand it better than she ever will, and the Situation room leads to more fams getting turned into dinos.

Listen to Episode 23 – 1:40:00

Carbon Monoxide Fury a Cautionary Tale of Ramjack – Episode 22
| 5. December, 2009

The Macy’s Pride/Christmas/White man oppressing Native Americans Parade, Martha Stewart bitchslap’s Sarah Palin, Carly Simon apparently didn’t die in 1929, Alex extols the virtues of “cooking” pre-cooked food out of plastic bags, we talk about some wild and wacky commercials from 1989, watch Garfield Thanksgiving & Christmas, Muppet Family Christmas, Jingle All The Way, and Return to Sleepaway Camp (to clear the palate).

And the cruel hand of fate falls harshly on Rex & Rita Readasaurus.

Listen to Episode 22 – 2:00:59

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