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Curse of the Pentagram Moon: The Bite of Ramjack – Episode 42
| 29. October, 2010

We see you Hoarding those Pumpkins. It’s Halloween and BooBerry is judging you with his jaunty eyebrow.

As we prep for our trip to Washington D.C. we still find time to ask the hard questions. Have you found love in a bakery, at the hands of a scary Slovenian sadist robot, or with a creepy clown? …Because someone has.

We talk about an epic triple feature of “Paranormal Activity”, The Asylum knock-off “Paranormal Entity” & “Paranormal Activity 2” Also join us for our Super Special
Cedric-Centric Situation Room.

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Listen to Episode 42 – 2:11:42

Ramjack: Attack on the Millennial Dream – Episode 41
| 25. October, 2010

In another festive Halloween episode we take a dramatic visit to the General Mills Fortress of Marshmallow Horrors, fight through the freak show crowd at the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” auditions, and Tackle Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Movie a.k.a. David Arquette goes on a coke binge. Also the situation room is a haunted house of terrifying corporate endeavors. Stephen Colbert consider this is my job application, W-2 to follow. 
Contact us –unless you’re a scaredy cat. Now with 300% more Halloween themed cereal than other podcasts!

Listen to Episode 41 – 2:07:09

Saucy Summer Serenade with Ramjack – Episode 40
| 18. October, 2010

It’s our epic rundown of the Summer Movies of 2010 with special in-studio guest Jon Pernisek. No stone is left unturned as we break it down week by week. Who gave the go ahead to Charlie St. Cloud? Did “Babies” give you a panic attack? Who were the assholes that went to see “Grown-ups”? Let us know. Come forth and witness what will surely be the birth of the Marmacast!

Enjoy it with your ears, your hearts, and your mind-hole.

Listen to Episode 40 – 1:22:29

Kiss of the Mantis: Ramjack the Incorrigible – Episode 39
| 10. October, 2010

We start gearing up for the Halloween Season with the terror that is cheese in the wild plus bacteria and parasite infested water sources, A super-freaky freak accident. Christine O’Donnell = crazy, 13yr old toddlers face 9/11 style terror attacks, Bump will kill us all if the lack of hand-washing doesn’t. Master of Disguise and Birdhouses Terry O’Quinn kills some fams in “The Stepfather”, The Situation room unleashes a spirit of vengeance as well as an Apple Bobbin’ Massacre. Plus the Enigmaster threatens our well-being with his quarrelsome conundrums and cruel queries. Are we affraid? No way, Jose!

Listen to Episode 39 – 1:12:34

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