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Episode 326 – Opulence Descending: Ramjack and the Knife of Obliquity
| 9. August, 2017

Alex and Jonathon are taking the reins and nothing will ever be the same. Alex has Science Facts and Dog Life Hacks. Jonathon is looking for the perfect digital daddy. Advice is given and parties are planned.Will you be able to decipher the cryptic theme of HumGayGhost? Listen now to find out.

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Where if you try to name a child Polk you have to be stopped.

Listen to Episode 326 – 02:44:44


Episode 200 – Ramjack and the Blight of the Bicentennial Moon Monstrosity
| 20. October, 2014

First thing first, this is the greatest 200th episode ever. First thing first, we break out all the classics: Science Pants, HumGayGhost, The Situation Room, Giving Advice: THE Game, and read a letter from our pal Hordak. But first thing first, we unravel a very real and not at all fictional undertaking by the very real terrorist group that is known as Khorasan.

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Where Khorasan will not get away with any of their completely non-imaginary schemes.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_200.mp3|titles=Episode 200|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 200 – 1:33:00


Return to Ramjack: Emergency Contact of Sutekh – Episode 56 part 2
| 12. April, 2011

More Games… More Fun!
Part Two of Two…
In this exciting conclusion we offer you the opportunity to…Marvel at the most elaborate and unwieldy situation ever lobbied on Ramjack, Excite as we deal with magic talking fish of sizeable value and third rate riddles, Wince at a Scientology themed HumGayGhost with some of Hollywood’s most overrated crazy people. And open your heart to some wacky improv hijinx.

Also our amazing giveaway contest continues.

Listen to Episode 56.5 – 1:04:50

Shapes in Sinopia: The Brand of Ramjack – Episode 51
| 16. February, 2011

Jonathon doesn’t get invitations because he lives in ye olde times., Brad tries to wrap his head around “Doctor Who” and Alex opens up about his crush on Jack The Ripper. Everyone continues to be baffled by “The Cape”. This American Life makes us want to kill ourselves to ironically chosen pop songs. We explore the second and third episodes of Charles in Charge and play a couple of rounds of Here’s the Pitch/Run With It and Humiliate / Gay / Ghost gives way to Punish / Prom-Date / Poltergeist.

Remember if some unfuckable sounding jackass tries to give you Skippy tell them you want Jiff, “It’s the best peanut butter!”

Listen to Episode 51 – 1:53:04

Scream Louder: Ramjack Provoked – Episode 50
| 6. February, 2011

It’s our Golden Jubilee and we are celebrating it in style with robots, resurrections, and random rambling repartee.

Join us as we lean nobody likes a Turtle in the “Saved By The Bell Wedding in Vegas” Movie, laugh hysterically at the most recent episodes of “The Cape” and marvel at the freak-show that is “My Strange Addiction”. We get a report on Alex’s Rom-Com of the month “No Strings Attached” But it’s the pilot episode of “Charles in Charge” that teaches us the true meaning of love. ALL of this AND we play a rousing game of “Humiliate / Gay / Ghost”.
Is it Christmas? No, it’s an Episode 50 extravaganza!

Listen to Episode 50 – 1:42:45

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