Episode 200

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Ramjack and the Blight of the Bicentennial Moon Monstrosity

Episode Description: First thing first: This is the greatest 200th episode ever. First thing first: We break out all the classics. Science Pants, Humiliate-Gay-Ghost, The Situation Room, Giving Advice: THE GAME. We read a letter from our pal Hordak. But first thing first: We unravel a very real and not at all fictional undertaking by the very real terrorist group that is known as Khorasan.

Length: 1:33:00
Date: 10/19/14

[Link to Episode 200 http://ramjackpodcast.com/episode-200-ramjack-blight-bicentennial-moon-monstrosity/]

Episode Details:

  • Terrible thoughts:
    • Who's favorite holiday is Valentine's Day (possibly Jerry O'Connell... maybe)
    • Everyone Believes In At Least One Crazy Thing [1]
  • Giving Advice: THE GAME
    • Dear Mrs. Web
  • Alex has another run in with a door-to-door meat salesman
  • The Situation Room
    • Situation: You are being paid by the GOP to create an anti-liberal Christian Judgement House
    • Situation: You've given so much help to the Mormons, what are you willing to let the Mormons advise you on?
    • Situation: You have to cut three films to create a new (better/more upsetting) ending.
  • HumGayGhost
    • Darren Wilson / George Zimmerman / Michio Kaku
    • Chim Cheroo / Robo Alex / Adrian


"Brave Hearts"