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Episode 238 – Envisioning Elegance Unleashed: The Tasteful Tamoshanter of Ramjack
| 7. September, 2015

We’re coming on! Brad has developed some strange addictions. Alex has had at least 238 strokes. Hipsters are giving robots panic attacks. We check in on fashion/language shenanigans in China. Giving Advice: THE GAME takes on some letters to the editor of an actual non-defunct newspaper. We review the opening credits to a slew of failed television shows from the late 70’s and are morally outraged by our findings therein.

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Where we all await the full blood resurrection of the fallen inflatable duck. Before and after, Mars will rule happily.

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Listen to Episode 238 – 3:12:50


Episode 93 – Homage to a Swindler: The Autobiography of Ramjack
| 21. March, 2012

Oh snap! It’s a super special episode for you and other humans! People are sharing shitty secrets and we do not know why. Things get incredibly heated in the Ramjack Larger Locks Literary Lounge™ as we talk about the ineptitude of George Washington and lying bitches that pretend to read books but are clearly incompetent with uselessly fragile egos. Luckily Alirio drops by to cool things down as we discuss his birthday pick “Phantom of the Paradise” and learn all about skylight voyeurism and devil contracts from our pal Birdman Winslow.

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Listen to Episode 93 – 2:29:51

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