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Episode 97 – Arsenic Age Dreams in the Country Kitchen of Ramjack
| 6. June, 2012

Stop telling jokes and throwing out pickup lines. Pop into your local lending library for a puppy or two and then sit back and hear about the virtues of White-Supremacy from everyone’s favorite deeply literate, funny, and incisive writer ‘Old Derb’ Brad’s Optometrist is going to murder him. Alex hangs out at the worst fucking place on planet Earth. The Mr. Belvedere Valentine’s Day episode is just as awkward and incestuous as you would guess and Saved by The Bell blows our mind with the revelation of the shuttle-bus. We attempt to decipher backlogged voicemail and prep for a birthday-pick-a-palooza

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Listen to Episode 97 – 2:33:29

Episode 93 – Homage to a Swindler: The Autobiography of Ramjack
| 21. March, 2012

Oh snap! It’s a super special episode for you and other humans! People are sharing shitty secrets and we do not know why. Things get incredibly heated in the Ramjack Larger Locks Literary Lounge™ as we talk about the ineptitude of George Washington and lying bitches that pretend to read books but are clearly incompetent with uselessly fragile egos. Luckily Alirio drops by to cool things down as we discuss his birthday pick “Phantom of the Paradise” and learn all about skylight voyeurism and devil contracts from our pal Birdman Winslow.

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Listen to Episode 93 – 2:29:51

Episode 89 – Ramjack and the Ice House of Forgotten Dreams
| 12. February, 2012

An epic shopping adventure full deceit, chicanery, and emotional turmoil is chronicled, Alex gives us the lowdown on Jennifer Lopez insanity and Prince’s wacky demands. Brad yells at an old lady in a grocery store. Claire and Werner Herzog joins us to talk about Showgirls featuring World’s Greatest Human, Elizabeth Berkley and some inexplicable lighting choices. We tackle a metric ton of Voicemail. including Lister submited situations, Secrets from the pits of Squirrel Hell, and a grip of questions.

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Listen to Episode 89 – 2:59:56

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