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//Jack O’ Lantern Rampage: The Laughter of Ramjack – Episode 17

Movies»Situation Room | | 17. October, 2009

It’s Spooktacular! Taylor Swift: Globe Trotter, Freemdom Stars: make your own! Spiders want to destroy our economy, Hey Kristen Stewart take a bath and shut the fuck up,  Rush Limbaugh shutdown, Old people call phone sex line: Viva Viagra indeed, Oregon Trail becomes reality, a reality Karen Armstrong has no grasp of. We deal with our deep childhood fear of aliens and watch Ernest Scared Stupid now with 175% more trolls than your average Troll Movie.

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  • Jon Pernisek says:

    How is it that there was never an Ernest movie where he went to England, Paris, or some other major area of Europe? Also, reading about Ernest Rides Again, I’m a little confused as to how that one had any sort of hook. Africa, basketball, the Army, Christmas, Halloween, summer camp. What the hell is Rides Again’s hook? Also, the fact that Ernest the Pirate was being filmed in 2000 blows my mind. 2000? Wow. How long would we have extended this character’s shelf life if Mr. Varney hadn’t passed away?

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