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Episode 281 – Skyside Insanity: Ramjack vs The Crazy Cloud
| 4. September, 2016

We make the terrible mistake of inviting the Pumpkin Spice LatteBot onto the podcast. Alex lets us know who we are most likely to murder. There are Disney monsters on the loose and the new mystery is: Who fucked Goofy? Brad helps us learn about career possibilities. Mr. Belvedere gets back on the rails with Savvy Angela in 6×16 “The Pageant”

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Listen to Episode 281 – 02:11:10


Episode 275 – Ramjack in: The Scandal of the Slovenly Decorated Shrub
| 25. July, 2016

We finish off our xmas in July with Holiday Traditions/Subcultures around the Globe and more impenetrable bing translations. We learn about a pint-sized would-be-terrorist thwarted by Hero-Bot 5000. Brad has somehow watched a grip of movies and we play a round of “How Does it End” wherein dance cards, cheese making, and failed advertising goals take center stage.

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[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_275.mp3|titles=Episode 275|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 275 – 02:25:00


Episode 256 – Yarn Satchel Suicide: The Frantic Folk Art of Ramjack
| 15. February, 2016

Welcome friends and associates, this episode is chock full of tomfoolery and exciting action features. Brad is meeting monsters left and right and Alex teaches us about the hottest trends on facebook according to a very questionable quiz. We attempt to help Applebee’s get their shit together and take part in the most powerful book battle in the universe (from the largest book in the universe).

Voice Mail: (979) 476-9877 or (979) GrowUp7
Email: ramjackpodcast@gmail.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ramjackpodcast

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[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_256.mp3|titles=Episode 256|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 256 – 01:57:50


Episode 60 – Ramjack and the Machines: Implosion Immediate!!!!!!!!
| 20. May, 2011

Fighting through a series of tech issues we rally once more to give you an episode full of rad tomfooleries on this our yellow diamond anniversary! We take a peek at Maxim’s Hot 100 make a hearty attempt to answer the age old sexist cliche: “Is it somehow physically possible to make people laugh AND have a uterus?” We discuss Thor and play another round of The Netflix Rating Game. Charles in Charge gives us the return of Rue McClanahan and Christina Applegate featuring Back to the Future Pizza and Mr. Pembroke throwing money at every minor inconvenience in his life… Just like we all dream of.

Listen to Episode 60 – 1:45:49

Box-Social Bandits: The Fall Festival of Ramjack – Episode 44
| 28. November, 2010

We get the Chicago update from Jon Pernisek just off his Journey on the midnight train. Meanwhile Alex takes a break from stuffing his face with baked goods to show his general disdain and lack of respect for the audience.

We welcome Dove Promises back into the mix despite they’re sexist comments and take time to go full out Fashion Forward to learn about wearable hugs and discover the secrets hiding in Jonathon’s closet. In the situation room we launch the hottest new hit musicals ever conceived.

Listen to Episode 44 – 1:31:59

Entering Madness: The Catacombs of Ramjack – Episode 19
| 8. November, 2009

Lion OR Lying. Willie Ames is back in charge and he’s going to zap your Roth IRA, An IMDB message board dramatic reading. Shows: Tswift on Snl, Parking Wars and more. Spacial reasoning for dummies, and a tasty haze of vicodin and muscle relaxers gently guide us into the situation room…. where nothing will ever be the same. what would you do?

Listen to Episode 19 – 1:09:01

Spookhouse Spectre: The Crypt of Ramjack – Episode 18
| 28. October, 2009

Episode 18 is here and it’s legal! Time to rock the vote. We finish our October Halloween extravaganza, receive a special poem, check in on Taylor Swift, discuss Halloween safety for you, your costumes, and your yard haunt… and who doesn’t love an old fashioned yard haunt?  We watch Garfield’s Halloween adventure, run into a Situation Room of Horrors & take a scary “ride on the internet” …as opposed to the cyber-web-net-space. Don’t forget to check your scorecard and your base system. Candy, Candy, Candy!

Listen to Episode 18

Jack O’ Lantern Rampage: The Laughter of Ramjack – Episode 17
| 17. October, 2009

It’s Spooktacular! Taylor Swift: Globe Trotter, Freemdom Stars: make your own! Spiders want to destroy our economy, Hey Kristen Stewart take a bath and shut the fuck up,  Rush Limbaugh shutdown, Old people call phone sex line: Viva Viagra indeed, Oregon Trail becomes reality, a reality Karen Armstrong has no grasp of. We deal with our deep childhood fear of aliens and watch Ernest Scared Stupid now with 175% more trolls than your average Troll Movie.

Listen to Episode 17

Pretty Pretty Princess and the Unicorn Tea Party: A Ramjack Adventure – Episode 16
| 10. October, 2009

The pretty pretty princess has landed… and nothing will ever be the same.

It’s the Ramjack Super Sweet Sixteen so of course we have Miley and Taylor Swift updates, circumcisions, scaring and AIDS: What you need to know. Watch out for evil Alex from the future  because he’s out, about, and here to party. Body language experts are one step from being Sylvia Brown, Deal breakers 101. We watch Creepshow and learn more about the great tradition of writers turned old prospectors. Visit an epic Halloween Situation Room and Brad relates the epic stripper roadtrip adventure of 2009. Let the zombies eat cake!

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Obsidian Glory: The Spawn of Ramjack – Episode 15
| 27. September, 2009

Episode 15 of our world famous chicken-fried-chicken-podcast-steak-chicken-chicken-cast, We get into the Halloween spirit, present a dramatic reading of Charlie Sheen’s Presidential fan-fiction, learn about France’s plan to get us using MS Paint, and watch the Rock’n’Roll Nightmare experience featuring THE Jon Mikl Thor. Reba has a painstone in her heart box for our girl T-Swift. And we do some live missed connections. Episode 15… more fun than fucking the devil!

Listen to Episode 15

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