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Episode 268 – Return to the Chamber of Intermitten Controversy: A Ramjack Sabbatical
| 5. June, 2016

Salt the earth burn the forest it’s time for a new episode of Ramjack. Brad’s phone is with Jesus now and he’s left alone to battle amphibians. Alex might or might not be under investigation in regards to the Cincinnati Gorilla situation. We discuss the completely insane 1940s Archie radio show episodes “Poison Candy” and “Hep Talk”

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Listen to Episode 268 – 02:26:12


Episode 189 – Stop Drop and Die: The Lost Protocol of Ramjack
| 28. June, 2014

There are terrifying animal facts aplenty. We give some solid Ramjack advice to some “wishy-washy” Mormons and some crazy lame-o gamers. Mr. Belvedere 5×04 (“Pigskin”) features some fashion panic attacks and a return to Kevin’s nightmares of football failure for his brother.

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Listen to Episode 189 – 1:43:38


Episode 123 – Ramjack and the Questionable Polygraph of the Future
| 13. February, 2013

Jon Pernisek joins us to talk about bird jamz, virus batteries, and Pat Robertson. We play “Who’s Losing at Facebook” as well as what will surely be the next big game show sensation “Skymall Secret Santa” AKA “Eight is enough… of these skymall things… in fact I was fine with none.” And we hear a passive-aggressive holiday tale from a small town newspaper.

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Listen to Episode 123 – 2:20:01

Episode 69 – Ramjack and the Pioneering Pioneers: Fun on the Frontier
| 16. August, 2011

In this super special episode we decide that criers need to announce themselves. Alex finally tells us about his amazing summer camp shenanigans and learn about the travails of those wacky little 9/11 year-olds and their desperate need for sixth meal. Non-professionals demand to perform entertainments to the dismay of everyone on the planet. We play an exciting game of “Strange Addict OR Smells like Halibut” in which we meet a bakers dozen of the most panic inducing crazies that TLC could find. Glamour magazine gives some really great practical advice to the ladies. Ramjack guides you like an arrow, straight to the mark. Brave hearts! Fighting for the rights of all the dreamers.
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Listen to Episode 69 – 1:34:30

Jack O’ Lantern Rampage: The Laughter of Ramjack – Episode 17
| 17. October, 2009

It’s Spooktacular! Taylor Swift: Globe Trotter, Freemdom Stars: make your own! Spiders want to destroy our economy, Hey Kristen Stewart take a bath and shut the fuck up,  Rush Limbaugh shutdown, Old people call phone sex line: Viva Viagra indeed, Oregon Trail becomes reality, a reality Karen Armstrong has no grasp of. We deal with our deep childhood fear of aliens and watch Ernest Scared Stupid now with 175% more trolls than your average Troll Movie.

Listen to Episode 17

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