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Episode 234 – The Ramjack Flea Market Massacre: Mildewed Nightmares
| 11. August, 2015

Alex is back from his time at the Island of Privileged and nothing will ever be the same! We spend some serious time in The Situation Room with uncomfortable questions and our digital dreams. Hoarders are hoarding hoarders in their hoard and finally (almost) justifying their insanity.

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Where badboys and badgirls are free to roam.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_234.mp3|titles=Episode 234|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 234 – 1:37:47


Episode 226 – Starter Sickness Succession: Ramjack and the Rise of Moribund Baker
| 25. May, 2015

In this episode we learn about the horrors going on in casinos and in the minds of casino patrons. The Situation Room takes us into a completely unlikely parallel universe in which we never became Vacation Heroes. In Mr. Belvedere 5×19 “The Book” The mystery of Marsha’s Porsche plus her shady connections to Al Qaeda are finally revealed. Also we discuss Ghost Writer/Ghost Rider and his contributions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through solving mysteries with word puzzles and motor cycle stunts. Visit Our Website:
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Where we always knew Marsha hated freeom.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_226.mp3|titles=Episode 226|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 226 – 2:02:42


Episode 225 – Ramjack vs The Mechahedron Decathlon: An Event of Some Note
| 18. May, 2015

Alex brings us a baffling reading comprehension test involving pineapple shenanigans. Jonathon takes us to the situation room to become Vacation Heroes. The seeds have been sown: Monsters will be placed in brackets and eliminated as we crown the champion of April Anarchy 2015! Also we watch Campin’ Buddies a 56 minute venture that really stretches the term movie to it’s breaking point.
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Where we are all Vacation Heroes –IN OUR HEARTS.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_225.mp3|titles=Episode 225|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 225 – 3:31:09


Curse of the Pentagram Moon: The Bite of Ramjack – Episode 42
| 29. October, 2010

We see you Hoarding those Pumpkins. It’s Halloween and BooBerry is judging you with his jaunty eyebrow.

As we prep for our trip to Washington D.C. we still find time to ask the hard questions. Have you found love in a bakery, at the hands of a scary Slovenian sadist robot, or with a creepy clown? …Because someone has.

We talk about an epic triple feature of “Paranormal Activity”, The Asylum knock-off “Paranormal Entity” & “Paranormal Activity 2” Also join us for our Super Special
Cedric-Centric Situation Room.

Don’t forget to vote Nov. 2nd

Listen to Episode 42 – 2:11:42

Ramjack: Attack on the Millennial Dream – Episode 41
| 25. October, 2010

In another festive Halloween episode we take a dramatic visit to the General Mills Fortress of Marshmallow Horrors, fight through the freak show crowd at the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” auditions, and Tackle Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Movie a.k.a. David Arquette goes on a coke binge. Also the situation room is a haunted house of terrifying corporate endeavors. Stephen Colbert consider this is my job application, W-2 to follow. 
Contact us –unless you’re a scaredy cat. Now with 300% more Halloween themed cereal than other podcasts!

Listen to Episode 41 – 2:07:09

Kiss of the Mantis: Ramjack the Incorrigible – Episode 39
| 10. October, 2010

We start gearing up for the Halloween Season with the terror that is cheese in the wild plus bacteria and parasite infested water sources, A super-freaky freak accident. Christine O’Donnell = crazy, 13yr old toddlers face 9/11 style terror attacks, Bump will kill us all if the lack of hand-washing doesn’t. Master of Disguise and Birdhouses Terry O’Quinn kills some fams in “The Stepfather”, The Situation room unleashes a spirit of vengeance as well as an Apple Bobbin’ Massacre. Plus the Enigmaster threatens our well-being with his quarrelsome conundrums and cruel queries. Are we affraid? No way, Jose!

Listen to Episode 39 – 1:12:34

Smile for Hepatitis: Ramjack at the Fair! – Episode 38
| 20. September, 2010

Science: Phony baloney’s are sly and sexy cheaters. Stuffed animals and children begat of vegetation bred for slave labor and rescued by an industrious latch-key kid with deep coffers = A Marketing Bonanza. Confessions: Animal Hoarding takes us to a dark place… a dark crazy Serbian war-zone-like place. Santa wants you to smoke some sweet sweet nicotine and stop hitting your kids. Sylvester Stallone is an extreme enforcer of “The Law”/Wannabe Food Critic in the 1986 Action Romp “Cobra” based on the novel Fair Game by Paula Gosling from a concept by Sapphire. Now with 900% more Night-Slashing. The situation room LOVES it when a plan comes together and we party like it’s 1999.

Listen to Episode 38 – 1:12:34

Ramjack & The Year of Infinite Plunder -Episode 36
| 17. August, 2010

The official one year anniversary episode accept no substitutes. In this super special cavalcade of entertainments we find better uses for Chinese crippled chimp chicken killers and magic custard metal as well as unravel the curious enigma that is Kim Kardashian quixotic rise to quasi fame, Discuss the classic 1980 Steve Gutenberg / Village People Collaboration: “Can’t Stop the Music” and hop into some particularly dangerous situations.

Pay no attention to the many events discussed that might or might not have possibly taken place over a month ago.

Listen to Episode 36 – 2:03:45

High Flying Ramjack: An Adventure Story in the Air – Episode 20
| 15. November, 2009

Blockbuster is banking on magic to save them, sadly magic is out. Peter Cottontail has a cock on his back… a cock for science! A deranged Martha Stewart becomes our Celebrity Project Child of the month. Brad watches Inglorious Bastards and Venture Bros. And Alex watches his lady shows Gossip Girl and 90210. And who’s conning who in the 1990 Dana Carvey masterpiece Opportunity Knocks. Beware the Christmas Creep Bitches. The Podcast is free for the listening, try my product PLEASE!

Listen to Episode 20 – 1:53:30

Spookhouse Spectre: The Crypt of Ramjack – Episode 18
| 28. October, 2009

Episode 18 is here and it’s legal! Time to rock the vote. We finish our October Halloween extravaganza, receive a special poem, check in on Taylor Swift, discuss Halloween safety for you, your costumes, and your yard haunt… and who doesn’t love an old fashioned yard haunt?  We watch Garfield’s Halloween adventure, run into a Situation Room of Horrors & take a scary “ride on the internet” …as opposed to the cyber-web-net-space. Don’t forget to check your scorecard and your base system. Candy, Candy, Candy!

Listen to Episode 18

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