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Episode 277 – Final Autograph: Ramjack at the Gallows Registry
| 7. August, 2016

In this exciting new episode Alex almost loses Giving Advice: THE GAME and Brad fails to choose wisely thus getting thwarted by talking wolves. Werner Herzog weighs in on the important issues of the day and the Mormons write angry letters. Mr. Belvedere 6×13 “Love Fest” tries to normalize a 36 yr old man dating a 16 yr old.

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Episode 180 – Ramjack and the Fingerprints of the Goatman Assassin Squad
| 25. April, 2014

Brad and Jonathon have seen Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” The feel-good Manson Family film of the year! We discuss all of the rock monsters, magic rocks, and denim, and armadillo-lambs in detail. It’s finally time to discuss a very special and truly unsettling episode of Mr. Belvedere “The Counselor”. We get feedback from the creator of D&D yoga and treat it with all the respect it deserves.

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Episode 102 – Crime Busting Buddies: The Heroics of Ramjack
| 27. July, 2012

Alex has theoretically heard some second hand animal facts, Brad discovers some terrible new products and finds new ways to escape the panic. Columbus isn’t as mediocre as one might expect, Mitt Romney is a felon and still has less personality than a vacuum cleaner with a twitter account. Privatization brings back debtors prisons, USA USA USA! Mr. Belvedere directs Gilbert and Sulivan and Saved by the Bell takes granny rap to it’s next logical step of torture.

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Episode 91 – Ramjack and the Cummerbund of Sisyphus
| 5. March, 2012

In this interactive multi-dimensional episode Alex is a sleep prophet and Brad is a Realist with Realism Powers. We get sleep tips from the national sleep foundation. Suprise! It turns out TSA Agents are up to no good. The Germans are desperate to eat giant Doritos Tacos Buckets of gross… but they will never be allowed. Mad Scientists Present Coma Chickens the tastiest of non-animals. The Most Dangerous Game OR The Most Delicious Game? Paul Maki suggests the worst movie ever devised. Alex’s Birthday pick arrives in the form of gravity defying slushies in Step Up 3D.

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Listen to Episode 91 – 2:18:32

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