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Episode 233 – …Ramjack oh Ramjack, Where Have Your Lullabies Gone?
| 2. August, 2015

In absence of our regular novelty food obsessed host, Jon Pernisek is here to pick up the reigns and introduce us to Cap’n Crunch’s latest monstrosity. Brad has seen Terminator Genisys and has no idea what people are complaining about. We give some advice: THE GAME to some really lame-os. Mr. Belvedere almost dies and we have a proper resolution to the Porsche Story. Also if anyone would like anything edited out of this podcast for fear of it theoretically offending someone else, go fuck yourself. Bazinga!

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Where we all ponder…”What if the world was strange?”

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_233.mp3|titles=Episode 233|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 233 – 2:43:33


Episode 232 – DO NOT CONSUME RAW. The ever-practical plea of Ramjack
| 25. July, 2015

It’s time for a fresh hot episode of Ramjack! Breaking News: Barbie has a vlog, Jar Jar Binks is a troll and Alex gets fleeced by a scooterbitch. We put some uppity astronauts in their place, learn how the chipmunk got his stripes, and help Mormons with their BDSM problems.

Voice Mail: (979) 476-9877 or (979) GrowUp7
Email: ramjackpodcast@gmail.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ramjackpodcast

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Where we understand Dr. Mario is not a real medical professional.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_232.mp3|titles=Episode 232|artists=Ramjack]Listen to Episode 232 – 1:28:42


Episode 67 – Ramjack and the Ice Cream Vendor of Doom: Twin-Pops of Fury
| 26. July, 2011

Need to beat the heat? Listen to these cool cats! Alex is off camping but Jon and Brad are battling the summer slump. Shorts are still inappropriate for grown men, even if you are pretending to be a pizza. The new Spider-Man trailer is here and we can definitely say, It’s going to be another one, again. Freakshow season returns our wacky old pals “My Strange Addiction” and “Hoarders.” People are bitching about Netflix because that’s what people like to do. We get bogged down in statistical polling but cheer up by playing a new game about death.
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It’s the cat’s pajamas. For Realzies.

Listen to Episode 67 – 1:08:15

Snake-Eyes Misery: The Gambit of Ramjack – Episode 52
| 28. February, 2011

In this Caffeine infused episode Alex reports in on Gnomeo And Juliet, Brad takes in The Care Bears Big Wish Movie, Jonathon is terrified. Meanwhile, The Cape battles wheelchair-bound assassins and terrorist zombies… Because somebody has to, right? We desperately grasp for our remaining strands of sanity while watching the Tiffany stalker documentary “I Think We’re Alone Now.” And it’s a guest-star-a-palooza as Meg Ryan and Styles (From TeenWolf) drop in on the latest episodes of Charles in Charge. The Code game resurfaces with shocking results.

Listen to Episode 52 – 2:00:33

Love in a Tub: The Comical Revenge of Ramjack – Episode 47
| 31. December, 2010

Despite some upsetting technical issues we deliver this amazing super special episode in which we take a look ahead to the entire slate of upcoming films for 2011 and speed through what will surely be the best and worst of our collective cinematic futures.

Also we learn about the magic of ice skating in a top hat, bowling in a top hat, enjoying dramatic readings from crazy people that don’t know the difference between creativity and a top hat, as well as receive a call from friend of the show
Fat Albert (who doesn’t have a top hat).

Listen to Episode 47 – 1:18:30

Ramjack and the Rings of Saturn: Search for the S-Factor – Episode 45
| 8. December, 2010

We take a trust fall into the dark dangerous devil-majicks of the Tarot. Unleash a cry for justice to be served as Jonathon gets wronged, Alex gets an ego boost, and Brad gets Marmaduke.

We delve into some 80’s nostalgia and reminisce about Saved by the Bell, Wheel Chair Kids and the 1988 menagerie of crazy known as “Mac and Me” teaches us valuable lessons about the proper care and handling of Mysterious Alien Creatures as well as the importance of communication and a good Big Mac to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Listen to Episode 45 – 1:57:33

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