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Episode 98 – Ramjack and the Prophecy of the Mouse-Man Saboteur
| 14. June, 2012

We’ve been at this for three years, but there’s no time to luxuriate in celebrations as we discuss the shenanigans, tomfooleries, and goings on leading to the 2012 Cincinnati Fringe Festival, confused audiences in search of thereapy, and private command performances. Belvedere fights off rape… again, and Saved by the Bell is Just Bonkers as the Tori Universe gives us yet another themed dance.

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Listen to Episode 98 – 2:08:31

Maze of Uselesness: Ramjack in Fly-Over Country – Episode 53
| 5. March, 2011

It’s a fresh episode designed for the pleasure of your ears, mind, and heart. We discuss the mind numbing trailer to Atlas Shrugged and death lurch of Hollywood’s creativity.
The Cape is full of wacky salt lick revelations and anti-lemon biases.

Brad and Alex venture to see Oscar winner and all-round awesome guy Randy Newman live in concert whilst Jonathon takes in a Josh Ritter show. We recreate bizarre auditions past and present. Charles in Charge takes us down the terrifying road of equiphilia via a slumber party and then teaches us importance of discipline the only way an 80’s sitcom can. We take a look at some sequel subtitles and play a rousing round of the code game.

Listen to Episode 53 – 1:54:43

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