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Episode 283 – Nonsense Invoices: From the For-Profit Educational Collective of Ramjack
| 16. September, 2016

Brad’s watched a grip of horror movies and cannot accept that people were ever that freaked out by “The Exorcist” AKA Medical Tests and Traipsing Around Africa: The Movie. We try to figure out how to thwart The Ring without a VCR. Alex warns us that are not teaching kids to properly fear babies. In Mr. Belvedere 6×17 “The Baby” Marsha is a selfish monster and we have a lot of questions about the hours of operations for orphanages in the Pitt.

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Episode 87 – Ramjack and the Credit Default Body Swap
| 24. January, 2012

We are back in action… and this time we’re serious! Learn some terrifying Animal Facts from the Tower of London, Sports Facts abound from and Brad begins his improv correspondence course. George Washington’s Mother is an insufferable bitch, Martha Washington has an intrepid spirit, but Black Jack takes the cake! Kim Jong Un has a grip of super powers but he’s slacking on his language study. Mr. Belvedere is throwing some revolutionary game and The Saved by the Bell Kids learn a valuable lesson about not being shitty liars. Also we receive super awesome Solstice Gifts!!

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