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Episode 237 – Song of the Pacifist Mastodon: A Ramjack Triumph
| 1. September, 2015

Alex takes a break from campaigning for Ben Carson to discuss some baseball monsters. Brad has uncovered the underground reenactment movement. There’s a really lame themed cruise coming up and an even lamer class you can take in Chicago. Mr Belvedere 5×24 “The Attic” is a less than stellar clip show where the winners and losers might or might not even be in the episode.

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Episode 96 – Screams for Hope: The Vacuous Surrender of Ramjack
| 17. May, 2012

We are back for Episode 96 with all of our deeply literate, funny, and incisive shenanigans. But, of course, we are also maddening, outrageous, cranky, and provocative when we talk about crazy old racists, hologram ghosts, and being a better grandchild that lies about sex. Jon sends us part IV in the epic fanfiction monstrosity of “The Belvedere and the Butterfly”
We clutch or cool chains in the “Larger Locks Literary Lounge” for further discussions on the state of literature and we play Miss Marple at the behest of the Evil Horde!

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