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Episode 286 – Untold Tales From The Ramjack Spectral Shade
| 11. October, 2016

Alex encounters a transcendent marching band and a football magician. Brad wants to be an agitator for hire. We check in on the Nextdoor App and call shenanigans on this lurking clown nonsense. Brad attempts to explain the plot of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure 2016. Archie’s Weird Mysteries Episode 33 “Halloween of Horror” is a bonkers tale of the power of friendship against ancient vampire prophecy.

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Where Magicians are never men.

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Episode 111 – Behold the Forever Vacuum: The Shedding Werewolf of Ramjack
| 18. October, 2012

Smile tech days turn into frowny face “fuck you’s” in this rage packed episode of Ramjack. The curse of Sutekh continues it’s mighty reign now with 100% more arbitrary language censorship. Alchemy is real, Mice are losing their skin, and Barry can’t stop agreeing with the GOP. Mr. Belvedere takes a horrifically dark turn into sexism and date rape. Angie Harmon chases a mummy whilst Doctor David Hasselhoff literally listens to dust on Baywatch Nights.

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