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Episode 240 – Ramjack and the Fateful Prize of the Phantom Cup
| 28. September, 2015

Brad delivers some important promises. Alex is a real weirdo. The people of reddit have some weird hobbies. We embark on the final season of Mr. Belvedere with 6×01”The Field” in which George’s ego is massaged by Robert Goulet and a grip of seemingly famous baseball players as they challenge children to a game.

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Episode 127 – Ramjack and the Mystery of the Syphillitic Koala Kidnappers
| 13. March, 2013

Check out this yuk yuk packed episode: Indonesian moms are up to no good. Alex reports in on the latest trend with Japanese school girls that he’s been carefully monitoring from acrosst the globe. Brad relates the unrelenting bleakness of the last few months. Whoopsie-daisy Superman made a bit of a goof. We read another Jeezo Fwd.

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