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Episode 172 – Endangered and Precarious: Ramjack and the Typhoon of Askew Glances
| 4. March, 2014

It’s a super special episode with Claire Laffar! Drones are chasing poachers, the Japanese are reading nipple fortunes, and extreme cheapskates are generating panic attacks all over the place. As the world falls deeper into chaos one chimney sweep will rise to restore justice. Larry attempts to buy the love of his latest dream girl only to be thwarted by Myposian Medicines in the Perfect Strangers episode ‘Ladies and Germs’

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Where Cheapskates are the new Hoarders.

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Listen to Episode 172 – 1:43:00

Episode 127 – Ramjack and the Mystery of the Syphillitic Koala Kidnappers
| 13. March, 2013

Check out this yuk yuk packed episode: Indonesian moms are up to no good. Alex reports in on the latest trend with Japanese school girls that he’s been carefully monitoring from acrosst the globe. Brad relates the unrelenting bleakness of the last few months. Whoopsie-daisy Superman made a bit of a goof. We read another Jeezo Fwd.

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Where the professor never sits down.

Listen to Episode 127 – 2:46:09

Episode 85 – Ramjack and the Shameful Mollusk: An Underwater Tale
| 5. January, 2012

It’s a new year and we are here with fresh 2012 shenanigans, tomfooleries, and goings on. We discuss our nations first President, George “Sadistic-Douchebag” Washington and his even more crazed psycho-bitch of a mother. We chart our experiences with both blatant and casual racism and homophobia. Jon Pernisek makes a couple of hearty attempts to pitch some Hollywood Gold only to fail miserably. Brad puts aside his Sports Facts to unleash his Dream Interpretation Powers.

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It’s like a drive-thru that you can scream what ever you want into.

Listen to Episode 85 – 1:30:37

Slip/Trip Trauma: a Warning from Ramjack – Episode 29
| 30. March, 2010

Dove Promises return and teach us to Inner-Jog, Colorado Libraries are the worst, Anna Martinez, Where are you? Sarah Palin is campaigning to be the new 4th godhead. MHC = the Slut Factor. Catholic douchebaggery, Apathy is the worst. Movie Theater Complaints, Twilight: New Moon, And Hoarders introduces us to a rascal and scalawag named Jim… and nothing will ever be the same. This ep is full out 10 cent piece.

Listen to Episode 29 – 1:20:17

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