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Episode 141 – Ramjack and the Department of Slight Trepidation
| 27. June, 2013

With Alex off at summer camp, Chicago Gadabout Jon Pernisek steps up to council Brad through his terrifying transformation into an exploding Magma Man. We learn about circus technology and secret penguin subterfuge going on at the Museum of Science and Industry. Lora Wimsatt tests our patience with her half-hearted tornado memories and a largely exaggerated turtle rescue that unearths shocking homicidal secrets of the past.

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Listen to Episode 141 – 2:01:09

High Flying Ramjack: An Adventure Story in the Air – Episode 20
| 15. November, 2009

Blockbuster is banking on magic to save them, sadly magic is out. Peter Cottontail has a cock on his back… a cock for science! A deranged Martha Stewart becomes our Celebrity Project Child of the month. Brad watches Inglorious Bastards and Venture Bros. And Alex watches his lady shows Gossip Girl and 90210. And who’s conning who in the 1990 Dana Carvey masterpiece Opportunity Knocks. Beware the Christmas Creep Bitches. The Podcast is free for the listening, try my product PLEASE!

Listen to Episode 20 – 1:53:30

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