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Episode 256 – Yarn Satchel Suicide: The Frantic Folk Art of Ramjack
| 15. February, 2016

Welcome friends and associates, this episode is chock full of tomfoolery and exciting action features. Brad is meeting monsters left and right and Alex teaches us about the hottest trends on facebook according to a very questionable quiz. We attempt to help Applebee’s get their shit together and take part in the most powerful book battle in the universe (from the largest book in the universe).

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Where scaring cattle into destroying crops is the quickest way to defeating your enemy.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_256.mp3|titles=Episode 256|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 256 – 01:57:50


Episode 245 – Ramjack the Indiscriminate Versus the Orphan Rebellion
| 8. November, 2015

In this all-new, all shocking, all free episode we stumble on the greatest Disney mystery/scandal of all time. Alex dusts off his old timey newspaper, Brad is practically spineless, and we all welcome back our favorite sass talking English housekeeper in Mr. Belvedere 6×02 “Brain Busters”

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Where SwitchWitch can go fuck itself.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_245.mp3|titles=Episode 245|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 245 – 1:44:23


Episode 81 – Whoopsie Daisies: The Slaughter Pits of Ramjack
| 28. November, 2011

The all powerful stalk of corn has demanded we deliver this fresh episode unto you. Brad deals with his impending psychosis and Alex reports in on his favorite film: Twilight: Breaking Precipice of Dawn Time Night Vampire Moon Part One of Twelve. Mr. Belvedere takes a dark turn into the scary world of addiction and Tori wrecks inter-dimensional havoc in our favorite sci-fi program Saved by the Bell. We finally receive our first series of drunk voicemails. Hurrah!
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Or find yourself in the baby carriage of death.

Listen to Episode 81 – 1:41:21

Episode 62 – Ramjack and the Song of the Melancholy Horse Trainer
| 12. June, 2011

Grab your favorite economically priced throat lozenge and your hot tea for a plague-ridden episode of Ramajck chock full of exciting tales from the hospital and horrific fever hallucinations. Brad meets a lying bitch with a severed finger and Jon goes to the big mustache pub crawl before being bullied by improv failures. Finally we see one of the best episodes of Charles in Charge followed by one of the worst as the rewatch gears down to the end of the season.

Listen to Episode 61 – 1:16:01

Ramjack: Dark Monopoly of Blood – Episode 4
| 28. June, 2009

Awkward Theater Adventures, Sparkly Vampires get their comeuppance in
“Twilight”, and a return to “The Situation Room” sans Wolf Blitzer.

Listen to Episode 4

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