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Episode 126 – Ramjack and the Phantom Curling League of Doom
| 6. March, 2013

We dedicate this episode to all of the amnesiac listeners out there in podcast land. Fox News has a plan to reduce rape on college campuses that is clearly not insane. Alex is once again consorting with Dolphin terrorists unaware that they are playing him like Space-Dawg on House of Cards. We chronicle the rise of savvy Angela on Mr. Belvedere and uncover more disturbances in the force due to machinations of the Chancellor and his daughter on Saved by the Bell: The College Years.

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Listen to Episode 126 – 1:44:02

Saucy Summer Serenade with Ramjack – Episode 40
| 18. October, 2010

It’s our epic rundown of the Summer Movies of 2010 with special in-studio guest Jon Pernisek. No stone is left unturned as we break it down week by week. Who gave the go ahead to Charlie St. Cloud? Did “Babies” give you a panic attack? Who were the assholes that went to see “Grown-ups”? Let us know. Come forth and witness what will surely be the birth of the Marmacast!

Enjoy it with your ears, your hearts, and your mind-hole.

Listen to Episode 40 – 1:22:29

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