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Episode 177 – Hotline for Heresy: Rise of the Ramjack Call Center
| 4. April, 2014

Brad visits the monster rally that is Megacon and endures a shadowcast. Alex updates us on Ireland’s favorite singer and how to judge if your relationship will last. Perfect Strangers takes on 1930’s style mob schemes in ‘Can I Get a Witness?’

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Episode 146 – Ramjack and the Privilege of the Varmint King
| 4. August, 2013

Remember when you were a kid and weren’t allowed to have desert? Or when you were being creeped on by Mark Twain? Or being valued as less or greater than the value of a dinette set? Alex is back from Summer Camp with more tales of wackiness. Mr. Belvedere goes into wacky fantasy land and Balki and Larry hit the singles bar on Perfect Strangers.

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The Ramjack 9/11 Pageant: A Cliched Jingoistic Scream from Planet Earth’s Greatest Nation Wrapped in Fetishistic Nationalism as Baby Jesus Always Intended It.
| 12. September, 2011


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