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Episode 233 – …Ramjack oh Ramjack, Where Have Your Lullabies Gone?
| 2. August, 2015

In absence of our regular novelty food obsessed host, Jon Pernisek is here to pick up the reigns and introduce us to Cap’n Crunch’s latest monstrosity. Brad has seen Terminator Genisys and has no idea what people are complaining about. We give some advice: THE GAME to some really lame-os. Mr. Belvedere almost dies and we have a proper resolution to the Porsche Story. Also if anyone would like anything edited out of this podcast for fear of it theoretically offending someone else, go fuck yourself. Bazinga!

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Listen to Episode 233 – 2:43:33


Episode 91 – Ramjack and the Cummerbund of Sisyphus
| 5. March, 2012

In this interactive multi-dimensional episode Alex is a sleep prophet and Brad is a Realist with Realism Powers. We get sleep tips from the national sleep foundation. Suprise! It turns out TSA Agents are up to no good. The Germans are desperate to eat giant Doritos Tacos Buckets of gross… but they will never be allowed. Mad Scientists Present Coma Chickens the tastiest of non-animals. The Most Dangerous Game OR The Most Delicious Game? Paul Maki suggests the worst movie ever devised. Alex’s Birthday pick arrives in the form of gravity defying slushies in Step Up 3D.

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More fun than a plate full of deep-fried coma patients!

Listen to Episode 91 – 2:18:32

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