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Episode 114 – Ramjack and the Panic of the Robot Cocktail Party
| 14. November, 2012

Kids are running amok and giving us Summer Camp Nightmares and we demand cold hard JUSTICE!
Potato Parties are all the rage in Japan and Ronald McDonald doesn’t know what to do about it.
Some not-so-classy monkeys are slumming it on the sly. There’s a nerdlinger murder alert for parts of Florida. Our pal Keith pops in to extol the virtues of brand loyalty and we shed a teary farewell as Mr. Belvedere is deported and the final episode of Saved by the Bell comes to a close.

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Or be forced to cross the rope bridge!

Listen to Episode 114 – 2:03:46

Episode 113 – Rock Monster Reverie: The Grinning Gargoyle of Ramjack
| 7. November, 2012

Brad is baffled when he learns that there are apparently well-adjusted normal families that like each other and go to horror movies together… or any movies. Archie wins a free murder! Shocking science news reveals what terrors the olds have planned for us and Alex prepares to concede to the dolphins. Brad meets more crazy talking random weirdos. Steve Guttenberg is unwrapping presents and being sexually harassed by Allen Carr. Things take a dramatic turn as Mr Belvedere has been deported and the Saved by the Bell Kids finally graduate high school.

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It’s Dolphin free… for now.

Listen to Episode 113 – 2:03:50

Episode 66 – Ramjack: Hitchhiking on the Road to Mayhem
| 14. July, 2011

Alex is getting ready for camp and we are preparing for his funeral. Learn about the bravest new subset of freedom loving children; their wants, their needs, and their numerous numerous fears. Pillows and showers become much more ominous. Brad gets ready for the big game by answering some extremely basic sports trivia, sadly he doesn’t know the rules… at all.
Join us for a visit to http://monkeyhelpers.org it’s a real monkeyshiner if I’ve ever seen one. And finally we learn about a really weird guy. Weird.

Listen to Episode 66 – 1:27:06

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