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Episode 260 – Professor of Upstarts: Ramjack the Declaimer
| 16. March, 2016

Prepare to lay up and hold up for an action packed episode: Brad has troubling mysteries, Jon Pernisek has a quiz, and Alex is on the lookout for possible would-be/definitely-is-not subcultures as per usual. Mr. Belvedere 6×07 “Homecoming” is upsetting to say the least.

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Episode 139 – Ramjack: Fancy Cats To The Rescue!!
| 14. June, 2013

It’s summer and that means two things a) movies and b) complaining about Damon Lindeloff. We chat about ‘This is the End’, ‘Star Trek into the Lameness’, and ‘Iron Man 3’. American doctors are monsters that should not be trusted. Marcia gets her comeuppance on ‘Mr. Belvedere’ and we say farewell to ‘Saved by the Bell: The College Years’ as we discuss the final bonkers episode.

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