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Ramjack and White Light of Racial Purity: Island Edition – Episode 32
| 19. May, 2010

It’s time for an easy going chat about these precious final few days of LOST. Jacob:Slack-Jawed Gorilla or Mentally Handicapped Neandertal which side are you on? Crazy moms is sorry for the rock she’s about to put through your skull. Jacob’s Aryan dreams = watch out Miles. Helmets, will you?

Listen to Episode 32 – 44:57

Island Predator Raw: The Stolen Innocence of Ramjack – Episode 28
| 20. March, 2010

Another LOST special episode in which we speculate about the past and future of the Polar Bears, Sawyer and Miles “partnership”, and Kate’s inability to drive. Now with 400% more haikus!

Miles is crushing hard.
Where’s HIS sunflower and beer?
“Let me in, Partner.”

Listen to Episode 28 – 35:01

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