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Episode 73 – Ice Viking Victory: The Battle of Ramjack
| 18. September, 2011

Do you know the difference between love and lust? Spoilers: You probably don’t. Luckily Pinterest is here to teach us how to open our hearts and get off of each other’s hair so as to have a happy, healthy, joyless, soul-crushing relationship. Sleep easy knowing that the common everyman yokel is getting ready for zombies with a supply of mom-jeans and canned peaches. The Christmas creep has been spotted and no amount of science can stop his quest to conquer the calender. Do you hate homeless people? Then you’ll love Mr. Belvedere. All hands look out below, There’s a change in the status quo, and Mr. Belvedere is on notice.
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Listen to Episode 73 – 1:13:44

Ramjack: An Intervention for America – Episode 34
| 20. June, 2010

Grab your apple pie and pour out that tea, It’s a very special episode spanning over four months of hard-hitting reporting to deliver the complete Intervention of Mike Miller. We track his attempts to cast aside Old Glory in favor of the Union Jack whilst maintaining an abundance of facial hair. Domestic Terrorism Alert: Dolphins are being trained to kill our president and toys are trying to turn our children gay. Deal with it. Listen as we fight with patriotic zeal to save the soul of one of our own. God Bless the USA!

0 – 41:52 February Miller Talk
41:53 – 1:13:56 April Miller Talk
1:13:57 – 1:24:44 Toys make you gay
1:24:45 – 1:42:55 Situation Room
1:42:55 – 1:43:27 Show Info
1:43:27 – 1:45:58 Mike Miller Intervention Update

Listen to Episode 34 – 1:46:14

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