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Episode 227 – Imposed Melancholy: Ramjack and the Tragedy of the Enlightened Mooncalf
| 4. June, 2015

By Hammurabi’s code, I can not swear strongly enough that this is a great episode you will love. After spending a little while trying to use Facebook like a couple of geriatric assholes, we learn about crying and lying. Apparently everyone on the planet forgot the last 14 years and somehow allowed Judith Fucking Miller to comment on Seymour Hersch’s bin Laden article. We discuss 227 1×21 “Pick Six”. It is delightful.

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[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_227.mp3|titles=Episode 227|artists=Ramjack]
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Episode 145 – The Ramjack Trapper Keeper Vol.1
| 25. July, 2013

Hey remember all those awesome clips that got cut out of episodes for time?
These are some of those!

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