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Episode 223 – You Could Already Be Dead: A Warning to the Ramjack Instant Winner
| 1. May, 2015

Are you a winner? We try to figure out how we can harness the power of bigotry to make money like a conservative. Alex reports dramz from his momz. Brad battles scooterbitches, patriots, Mafioso, and the elements in an effort to purchase shoes. Also we finish our March Madness coverage.

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Where Mobster Shoe Fetishists Will Not Be Tolerated.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_223.mp3|titles=Episode 223|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 223 – 0:55:22


Episode 171 – Ramjack and the Academy of the Craven Lurkers
| 15. February, 2014

Jonathon is calling people out and putting them on notice. Alex has followed the clues to discover the most hilarious number of Japanese hamburgers. Everyone’s favorite barely-lucid-small-town wordsmith stumbles through a hazy fog of life. We enshrine another episode of Mr. Belvedere into the pantheon of panic.

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Where careers in nursing are never openly mocked.

[audio:http://ramjackpodcast.com/Episodes/Ramjack_171.mp3|titles=Episode 171|artists=Ramjack]
Listen to Episode 171 – 2:16:20

The Red Snuggie of Ramjack: A Holiday Homecomming – Episode 24
| 9. January, 2010

We are beyond sorry that these are arriving to you SO late. I spent a good portion of this past holiday season suffering the infamous Swine Flu, supported by bronchitis and two inner ear infections. Yikes! But… I’VE SURVIVED. Adequate excuse? You tell me. 😉

With that said… Mail an Octopus for the new year, The Final Martha Stewart promises, an Oraganic Xmas = revolting, Walmart Drive Though, The happiest place doesn’t know any better, Gray-haired tweens are disturbing the natural order of everything, Hey Internet bitches… let me have my spring roll in peace, Star Wars Holiday Special presents Wookie Porn and Maude: The Next Generation.

Episode 25 and 26 to follow soon. In the mean time, keep checking those score cards! Slip-Trip Hazards are like a thief in the night: you know not the hour!

Listen to Episode 24 – 1:28:08

Tears for Xerces: The Atonement of Ramjack – Episode 10
| 30. August, 2009

It’s big 10! double digits = double awesome. The light at the end of the tunnel is just duck tape, Japanese Robot pants, Connecticut Update: 5&2 with a 2×4, The Nutmeg state launches war on furries again, Troll 2 teaches us that titles often mean nothing (hint: don’t expect Trolls in this film) and the most inane situation room question ever.

Listen to Episode 10

Singular Chaos: The Prophecy of Ramjack – Episode 5
| 5. July, 2009

Ants vs Humans, The 4th of July, Furry Oppression in Connecticut, The Prequel to “LOST” 1989’s “Road House”, “The Situation Room”, and Special Treats.

Listen to Episode 5

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