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Episode 208 – Under the Mirror Manacle: Ramjack in 8th Dimension
| 29. December, 2014

2015 Creep in on the scene! In this world shattering episode we endeavor to employ scooterbitches as insects to clear leaves from train tracks, learn what to drink coffee out of, and learn names. Alex reports in on some films that were mostly fun rides. We help some Mormons as well as visit a new forum that completely changes the game. Brad reads a truly disturbing missive from everyone’s favorite(?) small-town columnist.

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Listen to Episode 208 – 1:40:33


Episode 63 – Ramjack: Caught in the Glue of Time
| 25. June, 2011

Alex is a goddamn filthy degenerate liar, Jon is again mocked by crappy improvisers, and Brad is given some hot tips from non-economically priced throat lozenges. The Contest Winner and their giant box of loot is finally announced. We hit the cinema to catch up on the summer blockbusters: The X-men First Class, The Super 8, The Green Lantern, and The Bridesmaids. Things get a little emotional and a little frightening as we say goodbye to our dear friend, the consumate pedophile, Charles and end our Charles in Charge rewatch.

Listen to Episode 63 – 1:46:12

Episode 60 – Ramjack and the Machines: Implosion Immediate!!!!!!!!
| 20. May, 2011

Fighting through a series of tech issues we rally once more to give you an episode full of rad tomfooleries on this our yellow diamond anniversary! We take a peek at Maxim’s Hot 100 make a hearty attempt to answer the age old sexist cliche: “Is it somehow physically possible to make people laugh AND have a uterus?” We discuss Thor and play another round of The Netflix Rating Game. Charles in Charge gives us the return of Rue McClanahan and Christina Applegate featuring Back to the Future Pizza and Mr. Pembroke throwing money at every minor inconvenience in his life… Just like we all dream of.

Listen to Episode 60 – 1:45:49

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