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Episode 216 – Peril of the Paperwork Puzzlebox: Ramjack the Accreditor
| 2. March, 2015

Alex listens to Kermit for long enough to put down the bottle and discuss jump ropes and tricky crows. Brad reports in from a bizarrely fascinating mayoral race between a competent human and a raving lunatic as well as the “Everything is Terrible” Show. Mr. Belvedere celebrates his birthday and Wesley T. runs for class President in Mr. Belvedere 5×15 “Election”

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Episode 123 – Ramjack and the Questionable Polygraph of the Future
| 13. February, 2013

Jon Pernisek joins us to talk about bird jamz, virus batteries, and Pat Robertson. We play “Who’s Losing at Facebook” as well as what will surely be the next big game show sensation “Skymall Secret Santa” AKA “Eight is enough… of these skymall things… in fact I was fine with none.” And we hear a passive-aggressive holiday tale from a small town newspaper.

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Episode 109 – Ramjack: Semi-Professional Spirit Investigators and Ornathologists for Hire
| 4. October, 2012

Strifes and Strubles abound as Jon is acousted by charities and Brad is watching his tech die before his eyes. We battle the Bing Translator and enter the Halloween season with Doctor David Hasselhoff and Angie Harmon fighting off glowing amoeba monsters, Redneck Ghosts, and mild concussions. Grab a seat and learn about ghost birds and stories that aren’t stories.

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