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Episode 300 – Microphone Emergencies of the Tricentennial Troubadours: A Ramjack Panic Attack
| 18. January, 2017

In this scandalous episode 300 celebration we discuss the unwieldy nonsense that is the film? Suicide Squad. Alex has a new comedy partner and will be touring AutoZones across the country. Brad relates a tale of tears and kicking sand in people’s face.

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Episode 121 – Idleness of the Rueful Salamander: A Ramjack Fable
| 17. January, 2013

Grab your favorite dancing fur-covered mammal and prepare to panic. Blair is outlawed in Iceland while Gwyneth Paltrow runs around a free woman… is there no justice? We check in on our local lending libraries to discover new worlds of terror. Mr. Belvedere crosses over with LOST and Saved by the Bell The College Years teaches us that fraternities and sororities are even lamer than we assumed.

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Episode 88 – Ramjack and the Paper Mache Bayonets of Terror
| 3. February, 2012

Alex tries to kill Brad. He survives and declares himself arbiter of all that is right and wrong. People are using shopping carts wrong. We grab our black diamonds and tune into the far future with shocking accuracy. We delve into the second chapter of some epic inter-dimensional fanfiction. Belvedere proves Marcia is a terrible student and a worse mother and the kids on Saved by The Bell get class rings and make hugely questionable plans of action.

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Listen to Episode 88 – 2:04:33

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