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Episode 210 – Wisk til Stiff Peaks Kill: The Recipe for Ramjack
| 15. January, 2015

News you can use: nature can make you lose your appetite and apes are not vampires. Advice is given to some lame-o nerds. We get a high seas report from Jon Pernisek about boat bullies and scary scooterbitches. And a new character enters the cast of Mr. Belvedere and our hearts.

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Where boat bullies are not allowed.

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Episode 111 – Behold the Forever Vacuum: The Shedding Werewolf of Ramjack
| 18. October, 2012

Smile tech days turn into frowny face “fuck you’s” in this rage packed episode of Ramjack. The curse of Sutekh continues it’s mighty reign now with 100% more arbitrary language censorship. Alchemy is real, Mice are losing their skin, and Barry can’t stop agreeing with the GOP. Mr. Belvedere takes a horrifically dark turn into sexism and date rape. Angie Harmon chases a mummy whilst Doctor David Hasselhoff literally listens to dust on Baywatch Nights.

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