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Polar Bear Rampage: Reflections with Ramjack – Episode 33
| 6. June, 2010

It’s over and it’s been a long wild road, kids. We take a moment from our grieving to discuss the final episode of Lost and try to figure out why ABC cut all the polar bear footage. Also we flashback to mid 4th season with Mike “Too-Tall-Tilly” Miller to get some exciting predictions that will never happen… or will they?

Listen to Episode 33 – 50:06

Ramjack and White Light of Racial Purity: Island Edition – Episode 32
| 19. May, 2010

It’s time for an easy going chat about these precious final few days of LOST. Jacob:Slack-Jawed Gorilla or Mentally Handicapped Neandertal which side are you on? Crazy moms is sorry for the rock she’s about to put through your skull. Jacob’s Aryan dreams = watch out Miles. Helmets, will you?

Listen to Episode 32 – 44:57

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