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Episode 251 – Ramjack and The Solstice Storybook of Secrets
| 26. December, 2015

Happy Holidayzzzz despite the nightmarish heat wave we are all suffering. Alex is looking to name a new generation. Brad reads a questionable college essay. There’s a list of the best podcasts of 2015 and we seem to have been overlooked. We discuss the incredibly convoluted Murder She Wrote 9×09 “A Christmas Secret” which features the return of a dear friend of the podcast.

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Epiosode 79 – Bacteria Periodicals: The Waiting Room of Ramjack
| 9. November, 2011

Friends, this is a jam-packed episode of fun for the whole family. Brad reports in on Pencil-Gate 2011, a shocking tale of copyright violation and misdemeanor flaunted in the eye of the unprepared literati, Jon takes pleasure in foisting upon us his belated Birthday pick: The Apple. After recovering from the terror of a biblical allegory dystopian disco-era musical we take in an extremely eventful episode of Belvedere and Saved by the Bell gives us a clear picture of the early stages of a serial killer. We also take time to answer feedback, recommend podcasts, and question the actions of a woman who dared to refuse cake.
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