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Episode 219 – Observers of Chaos: A Ramjack Paint with Water Story
| 21. March, 2015

Some shockingly not-dead white trash yokel Mario Bros. have made an amazingly terrible looking film that Brad cannot wait to see. Alex is keeping an eye on mouse dreams and terribly written Science articles. Andrew Keegan is an insanely dumb cult leader. We play an exciting game to test our reading comprehension skills. Perfect Strangers rehashes a previous episode as Larry struggles to lose seven pounds in seven days on 3×02 “Weigh to go Buddy”

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Where we our reading comprehension is on point 24/7 even if our summary speeds are not.

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Listen to Episode 219 – 1:40:46


Episode 81 – Whoopsie Daisies: The Slaughter Pits of Ramjack
| 28. November, 2011

The all powerful stalk of corn has demanded we deliver this fresh episode unto you. Brad deals with his impending psychosis and Alex reports in on his favorite film: Twilight: Breaking Precipice of Dawn Time Night Vampire Moon Part One of Twelve. Mr. Belvedere takes a dark turn into the scary world of addiction and Tori wrecks inter-dimensional havoc in our favorite sci-fi program Saved by the Bell. We finally receive our first series of drunk voicemails. Hurrah!
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Or find yourself in the baby carriage of death.

Listen to Episode 81 – 1:41:21

Too Many Robots for Destiny – Chapter 1
| 5. August, 2009

Please note: this story is written in the style of Internet fan fiction and should not reflect on it’s author(s) credibility, intelligence, and/or understanding of the English language, syntax, and basic tenants of human communication.

You are probably all too well aware of the many theories about parallel realities and quantum gateways. These topics are favorites of Scientists, Sci-Fi Writers, and fans of both. But, if I were to tell you the reality of such things… you would not be able to believe it. Nor would you want to.

“Can I take your order please?” said the frighteningly underage girl at the coffee shop.

Brad took a moment to think before finally settling on an elaborate coffee drink.

After responding to a dozen or so emails from fans, producers, and would be directors, he stopped to take a life affirming deep breath. It was at this moment in which he became aware of a strange buzzing noise it seemed to emanate from a door at the end of the shop… a door that he had never seen before.


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