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Episode 259 – Ramjack: At War with the Moleculoids
| 5. March, 2016

In this reasonably sized episode of Ramjack: Brad lists grievances with the American medical system. Alex is grilled with hard-hitting political questions. In ‘Giving Advice: THE GAME’ we deal with blatant incest, Mormon fears of the dark, and nerd fears of reality.

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Listen to Episode 259 – 01:42:39


Blood-Shackle Panople The Escape of Ramjack – Episode 13
| 13. September, 2009

5&2 drive-through, Science gives Mice hoverboards, HOARDERS: the lastest and greatest sensation of the Nation, CSI+ Spy Kids + Baby Jeezo = Hangman’s Curse featuring a young Leighton Meester… You know, from Gossip Girl? No, not the blonde. The other one. Also Taylor Swift needs our help. We fall down a ventilation shaft into the Situation Room and ask Hayrides… Why?

Listen to Episode 13

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