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Episode 173 – Ramjack and the Scooterdoom Chronicle
| 10. March, 2014

Do you wish you were here in Orlando for Claire’s visit? NOW YOU CAN BE! Join Brad, Tammy, Dan, and Claire as we go monster hunting at various locales. How many Scooter Bitches will we spot? What is the greatest Disney attraction? What’s the most infuriating way to make a couple of bucks? Answers will be revealed!

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Listen to Episode 173 – 1:52:10

Episode 128 – Ramjack and Primadonna Power Party Potlouck
| 20. March, 2013

Jon Pernisek AKA Elijah Mathew pops in to join your regular pair of Morley Safer’s as we present a DARE drug free podcast. Brad and Alex finally have their anti-drug PSA from 1999 vindicated, And get ready to check-in with everybody’s favorite rambling-lunatic-posing-as-a-small-town-journalist as we play the Lora Wimsatt drinking game.

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Episode 125 – Fevered Screams and the Scattered Remarks of Ramjack
| 28. February, 2013

We’re bravely jumping on the bandwagon to call out a corporation that everyone else arbitrarily calls out. Why? Because we’re heroes. Mr. Belvedere reveals that the owens family is just a shaky construct of awful selfish people that only barely tolerate each other and Saved by the Bell: The College Years introduces us to terrifying sweater technology.

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Listen to Episode 125 – 1:32:27

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