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Tears for Xerces: The Atonement of Ramjack – Episode 10
| 30. August, 2009

It’s big 10! double digits = double awesome. The light at the end of the tunnel is just duck tape, Japanese Robot pants, Connecticut Update: 5&2 with a 2×4, The Nutmeg state launches war on furries again, Troll 2 teaches us that titles often mean nothing (hint: don’t expect Trolls in this film) and the most inane situation room question ever.

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Ramjack and the Battle for the Sedona Secret – Episode 9
| 16. August, 2009

Cows attacks, Germans seek a sneaky glance, Vatican douchebaggery, Super-Ants are here and they wants all ur elektricity Speed Racer is GO! Christina Ricci is HOT! Not to mention a Sprightly Sojourn into the Situation Room.

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Broken Scimitar: The Shadow of Ramjack – Episode 6
| 12. July, 2009

The Ants+Mice+Machines=chaos, Furries (again), The Christian Sci-Fi epic “Time Changer” teaches us the evils of being a moral person, The Situation Room, Special guest co-host Jonathon Pernisek, 5&2 Jeezo!

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