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Episode 60 – Ramjack and the Machines: Implosion Immediate!!!!!!!!
| 20. May, 2011

Fighting through a series of tech issues we rally once more to give you an episode full of rad tomfooleries on this our yellow diamond anniversary! We take a peek at Maxim’s Hot 100 make a hearty attempt to answer the age old sexist cliche: “Is it somehow physically possible to make people laugh AND have a uterus?” We discuss Thor and play another round of The Netflix Rating Game. Charles in Charge gives us the return of Rue McClanahan and Christina Applegate featuring Back to the Future Pizza and Mr. Pembroke throwing money at every minor inconvenience in his life… Just like we all dream of.

Listen to Episode 60 – 1:45:49

Turkey Chasin’ Hijinx a Ramjack Family Festival – Episode 21
| 22. November, 2009

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers…it’s a lucky 21 Thanksgiving super spectacular! Martha Stewart News, Alex curls up with his Hagen-daz and bunny slippers to give us a “Gossip Girl” and “90210” update, Brad Discovers “Sell This House” and learns what love is. Thanksgiving fun facts: Suprise! Pilgrims are corn stealing bastards. Plus the Christmas Creep continues his conquest of the calendar.

Listen to Episode 21 – 1:34:02

Blood-Shackle Panople The Escape of Ramjack – Episode 13
| 13. September, 2009

5&2 drive-through, Science gives Mice hoverboards, HOARDERS: the lastest and greatest sensation of the Nation, CSI+ Spy Kids + Baby Jeezo = Hangman’s Curse featuring a young Leighton Meester… You know, from Gossip Girl? No, not the blonde. The other one. Also Taylor Swift needs our help. We fall down a ventilation shaft into the Situation Room and ask Hayrides… Why?

Listen to Episode 13

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