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Episode 150 – Ramjack – Out of the Readasarus Backlash: Darkness Ensues
| 6. September, 2013

It’s an episode 150 super celebration! We learn the importance of discussing our secret family values, there’s a new superhero in Japan and he’s inspired us to recruit the greatest team of superheroes ever created, an old friend returns for vengeance, and Lora Wimsatt has no clue how airplanes or Lost and Found works. Mr. Belvedere gets creepy and sexist and we finish the first season of Perfect Strangers.

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Listen to Episode 150 – 2:31:26

Episode 106 – Canis Unbound: Ramjack and the Beast Fright Fighters
| 10. September, 2012

The National Guard of the Hyper-Militarized States of ‘Merica tries to thwart Brad and his attempts to walk down the sidewalk in a police-state. Claire dons communal bacteria regalia for krazy kayak adventures. We join our pals Angie Harmon and Dr. David Hasselhoff as they battle mediocre aliens, mutants in parallel futures, and cd-rom archers from the Kalderash Clan when Baywatch Days turn into Baywatch Nights.

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Listen to Episode 106 – 1:57:35

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