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Episode 183 – Ramjack and the Timid Tune of the Mangled Balladeer
| 16. May, 2014

Alex runs down the animals that want to kill us. Emo Teen Jeezo is getting ready for his CW premiere. Brad preps for another classic from 5&2. We play a game of Giving Advice:THE GAME from the dilapidated pit of Yahoo!Answers. Mr. Belvedere 5×01 ‘Fat Cats’ is pure insanity as George and Belvedere go to a wacky fat camp and the rest of the family elaborately murders a cat.

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Episode 124 – Mentor to a Madman: The Legacy of Ramjack
| 22. February, 2013

You’re great, 15 people love you, but nobody gives a fuck. Deal with it. The Japanese are making ridiculously expensive pizzas that sound terrible. Brad refuses to be mugged on principal. Alex goes wheeling and dealing for flower bargains. The Owens once again baffle us with the state of their finances on Mr. Belvedere and the Romney’s come to visit California College School University on Saved by the Bell The College Years. We find out what’s in the gold box thanks to Evan’s Grandma and catch up on voicemails.

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