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Episode 209 – The 56k Modem of Mildly Interesting Prophecy: Ramjack The Inadvertent
| 7. January, 2015

It’s a new ep for a new year! Brad has seen “The Babadook” and Alex is on the lookout for Werewolves and new animal-themed cafes. We tell a lot of people to grow up and shut up and learn some shocking facts about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Perfect Strangers two-part “Snow Way to Treat a Lady” exposes us to questionable tunneling techniques and even more questionable sweaters.

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Listen to Episode 209 – 2:01:55


Episode 61 – Ramjack and the Saddest Little Pony in the Whole World
| 7. June, 2011

Summer is here and it will kill us all. As we wait to be destroyed by it we talk about people and things that aren’t funny and why you can never look back. Netflix giveth and taketh. Take a terrifying journey into the world of body modification with our pals Cat-man, Reptile-man, and a lot of other super scary weirdos in the documentary “Modify”. Charles in Charge takes a turn for the weird as Jason gets Honey squirted in shorts and Charles and Buddy get arrested for indecent exposure.

Listen to Episode 61 – 1:16:15

Box-Social Bandits: The Fall Festival of Ramjack – Episode 44
| 28. November, 2010

We get the Chicago update from Jon Pernisek just off his Journey on the midnight train. Meanwhile Alex takes a break from stuffing his face with baked goods to show his general disdain and lack of respect for the audience.

We welcome Dove Promises back into the mix despite they’re sexist comments and take time to go full out Fashion Forward to learn about wearable hugs and discover the secrets hiding in Jonathon’s closet. In the situation room we launch the hottest new hit musicals ever conceived.

Listen to Episode 44 – 1:31:59

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