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Episode 132 – Calliope Shadows: The Nightscape of Ramjack
| 17. April, 2013

Stepping off the port bow Brad and Alex are here to deliver all the important knowledge you need. Russian bears are out of control and need an intervention. Bee’s make terrible leaders and worse children. We continue our March Madness breakdowns. Mr. Belvedere teaches us Marcia is a cold uncaring bitch that loathes her family and Saved by the Bell: The College years explores stalking, hallucinations, and bizarre fashion choices.

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Listen to Episode 132 – 2:08:10

Ramjack and the Ice-capades of Yeti – Episode 48
| 19. January, 2011

It’s a super fun episode full of rambling incoherence. Forget Spiderman the Musical, we’ve got Superman with Trains! What’s in a name? Ask Schneck Treble, Mrs.Death-Rage, or Fat Albert.

Delight at the prospects of post solstice gift giving. Marvel at wiley tales of windy city capers as well as ventures into the human heart. Whether by air, motocross bike, or upright bass we are taking advantage of Amazon and calling Jack Black out for his crimes against humanity. Will you join us?

Listen to Episode 48 – 1:15:17

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