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Episode 172 – Endangered and Precarious: Ramjack and the Typhoon of Askew Glances
| 4. March, 2014

It’s a super special episode with Claire Laffar! Drones are chasing poachers, the Japanese are reading nipple fortunes, and extreme cheapskates are generating panic attacks all over the place. As the world falls deeper into chaos one chimney sweep will rise to restore justice. Larry attempts to buy the love of his latest dream girl only to be thwarted by Myposian Medicines in the Perfect Strangers episode ‘Ladies and Germs’

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Epiosode 79 – Bacteria Periodicals: The Waiting Room of Ramjack
| 9. November, 2011

Friends, this is a jam-packed episode of fun for the whole family. Brad reports in on Pencil-Gate 2011, a shocking tale of copyright violation and misdemeanor flaunted in the eye of the unprepared literati, Jon takes pleasure in foisting upon us his belated Birthday pick: The Apple. After recovering from the terror of a biblical allegory dystopian disco-era musical we take in an extremely eventful episode of Belvedere and Saved by the Bell gives us a clear picture of the early stages of a serial killer. We also take time to answer feedback, recommend podcasts, and question the actions of a woman who dared to refuse cake.
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