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Episode 191 – Salutations from Salamander City: The E-Card of Ramjack
| 11. July, 2014

Brad reports in on another handful of horror films including some dirtwater herda hada methmouths terror. Alex has all the animal facts. We help a lot dummy Christians with their relationship problems in ‘Giving Advice: THE GAME’ Mr. Belvedere 5×5 (“Marsha’s Secret”) confirms everything we assumed and proves Marsha to be the worst human ever.

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Episode 125 – Fevered Screams and the Scattered Remarks of Ramjack
| 28. February, 2013

We’re bravely jumping on the bandwagon to call out a corporation that everyone else arbitrarily calls out. Why? Because we’re heroes. Mr. Belvedere reveals that the owens family is just a shaky construct of awful selfish people that only barely tolerate each other and Saved by the Bell: The College Years introduces us to terrifying sweater technology.

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