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Episode 179 – Doombuttons and Murderlint: Deep in the Pocketbook of Ramjack
| 17. April, 2014

Lora is talking about Sparrows which allows Jonathon to espouse his crazy pseudo-scientific bird theories. Prepare for terror as we go through our monster brackets to crown the winner of our first annual April Anarchy. Are you considering leaving your house this summer? If so our summer movie preview might be of use. (Warning there’s an over saturation of conservative asshole and cross-bearer Kelsey Grammer)

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Episode 77 – Ramjack: A Prance Through the Orchard of Razor Blade Apples
| 24. October, 2011

The Halloween spirit flows powerfully as we catch up with Fat Albert and the Post-Apocalyptic Junkyard gang of 2525 as they battle the olds and giants. Alex makes a startling realization about his own personal tastes, Brad is a naturally suspicious Commander-in-chief, and the crown of World’s Greatest Human 2011 is placed on the head of it regal owner. A very special Mr. Belvedere tackles the big issues of underage drinking, contract law, and of course… incest. Saved by the Bell Goes into a fashion black hole and gets into super shady financial swindles and possible multiple universes.
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Listen to Episode 77 – 2:07:40

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