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Episode 219 – Observers of Chaos: A Ramjack Paint with Water Story
| 21. March, 2015

Some shockingly not-dead white trash yokel Mario Bros. have made an amazingly terrible looking film that Brad cannot wait to see. Alex is keeping an eye on mouse dreams and terribly written Science articles. Andrew Keegan is an insanely dumb cult leader. We play an exciting game to test our reading comprehension skills. Perfect Strangers rehashes a previous episode as Larry struggles to lose seven pounds in seven days on 3×02 “Weigh to go Buddy”

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Where we our reading comprehension is on point 24/7 even if our summary speeds are not.

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Episode 107 – Ramjack A Question of Despair: Who Knows The Future?
| 17. September, 2012

Alex is back from his adventures with new tales, Brad is contemplating his uneasy truce with the weather. Your drunkest Romanian Friend might be planning on stealing your bride. We begin our journey with the first two chapters of “The Guttenberg Bible” A very special Mr. Belvedere takes a dark turn with some sad olds, Saved by the Bell brings us another clip show, and we prepare to launch a new Network and by Network we mean empire.

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